US K-1 Visa in Thailand

US K-1 Visa in Thailand

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This is the US K-1 Visa in Thailand. The first phase in applying for the US K-1 Visa is the submittal of the application form to the USCIS. Depending on where the American national lives in the United States, he needs to submit the petition to the correct USCIS Service Center. Another option for American nationals residing in Thailand is to show proof that he has been living in Thailand for over a year, and file an application in Thailand at the Bangkok USCIS Office.

US K-1 Visa in ThailandUS K-1 Visa in Thailand

After your petition has been received by the USCIS. They will be sending a confirmation letter. This called Notice of Action 1, stating that they have received your petition and will immediately start processing your visa application. If the applicant is using the service of a US Attorney. Then the Notice of Action is automatically sent to the Attorney. This because the USCIS’s contact person is the applicant’s appointed representation.

It is necessary to have all your paperwork in order. This because the whole process takes a long time to complete. This and sometimes some process have to be done again. Mainly due to improper presentation of the documents. It is highly recommended to hire the expertise of a competent lawyer. This to make sure that all documents needed are submitted properly. When the USCIS comes to their decision and approves your K1 Visa petition. They will send a letter to the petitioner or to his lawyer stating such.

Final Part of the Process

The letter will also inform you that your Thai fiancée’s petition is now forwarded to the National Visa Center, where basically they will be conducting a background check on your Thai fiancée. After thorough evaluation from the NVC, your visa petition will then be forwarded to the US Embassy in Bangkok. Your Thai fiancée will then be notified regarding her interview date when the petition reaches the US Embassy. During this point of the process, all documents should be gathered and reviewed, and also translated into English.

After your Thai fiancée shows up for her interview at the US Embassy in Bangkok, considering that all her paperwork is in order, she will then be granted a US K-1 Visa. Your Thai fiancée can then receive her passport with the visa on it within the next 5-7 days. The whole process for the US K-1 Visa in Thailand should take around six to eight months from the time of submitting the petition to the USCIS until the release of the K-1 Visa.