US IR-1 Visa for Thai

US IR-1 Visa for Thai

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The US IR-1 Visa is designated for the Thai spouse of an American national who has been married to the American national for more than two years. Applicants for this type of visa should be able to prove that they have a genuine relationship by showing strong proof of relationship from the time they got married. These are in the any forms, such as joint property documents, joint bank accounts, wedding and engagement photos, email and phone records, etc.

US Immediate Relative Visa for Thai (IR1)

US IR-1 Visa for ThaiThe US sponsor for the IR-1 Spouse visa applicant need to show proof of financial capacity to support their Thai spouse above the United States poverty line. US sponsors have an option to have a co-sponsor to assist them. This in meeting the income requirements if they fail to meet them on their own. Also, the US sponsor needs to prove that they have a suitable accommodation in the United States by showing documents such as US utility bills, property deeds or leases, US bank accounts and tax records, employer and business records, etc.

An IR-1 Spouse Visa applicant will be receiving a permanent resident status after arriving in the United States. Holders of this type of visa will be permitted to pursue education. This as well as employment or any business when in the United States.

The factor considered on whether which visa should be issued to an applicant. Is the amount of time of being married to the US national from the first visa is issued. For those who have been married to the American spouse for two years or more. They will qualify for the US IR-1 visa. If the couple has been married for less than two years. Then the US CR-1 visa (Conditional residence) will be issued to the Thai spouse. A CR-1 Visa is different from the IR-1 visa in a way that it only grants the applicant conditional permanent residency in the United States, which can be adjusted after two years of being married to remove the conditional status.


Eligibility Requirements:


  • The couple must be legally married;
  • Cohabitation does not qualify as legal marriage under immigration laws; unmarried partners are not eligible to sponsor any type of visa to the United States.
  • The couple must be 18 years or older;

In order for you to be able to sign the Affidavit of Support, you should be of legal age.

  • Financial stability of the sponsor meeting 125% of the poverty guideline
  • General circumstances of both sponsor and applicant

Always take proper legal advice when it comes to the US IR-1 Visa for Thai while in Thailand.