UK Tourist Visa for Thai

UK Tourist Visa for Thai

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A UK Tourist Visa is granted to Thai nationals for single or multiple entries and duration of six months. Single entry visas are issued much quicker compared to the multiple entry visa, especially to applicants who have not be to the United Kingdom before. Keep in mind that it is not possible to get married in the United Kingdom under the UK Tourist Visa.

UK Tourist Visa for ThaiUK Tourist Visa for Thai

The British Embassy will schedule an interview, most likely by phone and the applicant will be questioned about her intent to stay in the United Kingdom. If the visa application is denied, the applicant has the right to file an appeal if the intent in obtaining the UK Tourist Visa is to see family members. The normal visa refusal for those applying for leisure has no right to file an appeal. Always apply for the proper visa so dont take your Thai fiancee or Thai wife to the UK on a tourist visa.

Applicants of the UK Tourist Visa should include all documents available to show your eligibility to travel to the United Kingdom for leisure. Supporting documents are as stated below:

  • Bank statements showing savings in the bank or pay slips, and any other proof of financial capacity to finance the whole trip together with the dependents without having to access government funding;
  • Proof that you have the intent to return to Thailand at the end of your holiday in the United Kingdom;

Requirements for application of the UK Tourist Visa in Thailand:

  • The visa applicant must purely have the intent to seek entry to the United Kingdom for six months as a tourist. Then go back to Thailand at the end of his or her visit;
  • The visa applicant must not intend to pursue employment, may it be paid or voluntary; or produce goods or provide service for a particular fee; or sell goods and services directly for public consumption during his or her stay in the United Kingdom;
  • The visa applicant must not intend to pursue education in the United Kingdom. This at a government funded institution while under this type of visa;
  • Also the visa applicant must be financially able to seek accommodation and maintain his or herself. Without the need to mingle with government funding;
  • The visa applicant must show evidence of onward travel if applicable;

For those visiting family and friends applying for the UK Tourist Visa in Thailand:

  • Sponsorship letter from the UK national or permanent resident. Whom you are visiting, with your relation and purpose of visit stated;
  • Copy of the personal data page of the UK passport of your sponsor; or proof of migration status in the United Kingdom for non-UK citizens;