UK Fiancée Visa in Thailand

UK Fiancée Visa in Thailand

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The requirements for the UK Fiancée Visa in Thailand are pretty similar with that of the UK spouse Visa. The applicants for the UK Fiancée Visa are always given the option to marry first for them to qualify and directly apply for the UK Spouse Visa, avoiding the tendency of undergoing two different applications. However, some opt to be engaged and marry in the UK. Speak to a Thailand lawyer for more information.

UK Fiancée Visa in Thailand

UK Fiancée Visa in ThailandTo be eligible for the UK Fiancée Visa, it is required that:

  • Both partners should be of legal age, or at least 18 years of age;
  • Both partners should have met each other prior to filing the visa application, and
  • Should have an intent to permanently live together after getting married;
  • Both partners should be able to provide evidence of the termination of any previous relationships;
  • Also both partners should have proper accommodation complying with the UK Housing Act of 2004;


  • Both partners should have substantial funds to finance themselves and any dependent of the foreign fiancée, without the need to access government funds. The visa holder will not be allowed to pursue employment in the United Kingdom under the UK Fiancée Visa.


  • The income requirement should be met by the sponsoring UK national, wherein a much higher threshold is imposed if there are children to be sponsored. And also, the couple should have appropriate accommodation available for the children. The UK Fiancée Visa is granted with a six month validity, in which the couple should marry in the United Kingdom or the foreign fiancée will be obliged to leave the country when the visa expires if left unmarried;

The financial requirement for the UK Fiancée Visa sponsor can be met whichever is applicable to their application, may it be through employment, self-employment, cash savings, being the director of a company, etc. Note that you should always apply for the proper visa and not a tourist visa.


UK Fiancée Visa Requirements


If the UK national sponsor is a recipient of any of the following, you will not be required to meet the financial requirement and are exempted of such:

  • –          Severe Disablement Allowance
  • –          Carer’s Allowance
  • –          Disability Living Allowance
  • –          Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit
  • –          Attendance Allowance
  • –          Personal Independence Allowance

Children of holders of the UK Fiancée Visa who are still under 18 years of age. They are allowed to travel with their foreign parents to the United Kingdom. Holders of this type of visa should immediately apply for the UK Spouse Visa after getting married in the United Kingdom, making your Thai wife eligible to pursue employment in the country. The English Language requirement also has to be met with level A1 course which is a must in this application. Always speak to a Bangkok lawyer about your options.