Requirements for Thai PR

Requirements for Thai PR

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Thinking of the requirements for Thai PR? The list of required documents in applying for Thai Permanent Residency depends on the category under which the application has been made. It is highly recommended to contact the immigration office where you wish to file your application to know which documents they will require.

Requirements for Thai PR

  • Original and copy of applicant’s passport
  • Original and copy of residence’s House Registration Book Tabien Ban
  • 12 pcs passport size photos (4 cm x 6 cm), taken within 6 months from application
  • Payment in cash for all the fees

Requirements for Thai PRApplications for the Permanent Residence Visa are usually considered from October until December of every year, and should be processed at the Royal Thai Immigration Office. There is an annual quota imposed by the Thai immigration regarding the granting of permanent residency in Thailand which is a maximum of 100 persons per nationality or country.

The Thai Permanent Residence Visa does not expire unless it is revoked. But the holder should be able to leave and re-enter the country under a re-entry permit. After holding the Thai Permanent Residence Visa for 10 consecutive years, the holder can then apply to become a naturalized Thai national.

Part of the application process for the Thai Permanent Residence Visa would be the interview by the immigration officer at the Thai Immigration Office. The applicant will be asked regarding the documents presented, as well as about the applicant’s background and religious upbringing. All the answers will be carefully documented. The applicant will be asked to sign the documents right after being interviewed. These are the requirements for Thai PR.

Common Questions

The applicant will also be asked to answer ten multiple choice queries which is written in Thai. However the immigration officer will assist the applicant in understanding the questions if you cannot read Thai well. The applicant will also be asked to present himself or herself in Thai. This which will be video recorded by the immigration officer.

When the Thai Permanent Residence Visa holder wishes to leave Thailand and re-enter. He or she will need to obtain a re-entry permit in order for the visa not to be revoked. A re-entry permit can be obtained at any Thai Immigration Office or International airport in Thailand. This and the fees for this is 1,000 Thai Baht for single re-entry. Also the 3,800 Thai Baht for a multiple re-entry permit.