Paternity Testing

Paternity Testing

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Paternity testing in Thailand by context is the relationship established by law between the biological father and his child. In Thailand, paternity is recognized in a valid marriage. Take proper advice from a Bangkok lawyer for more assistance. Thus, a child who is born outside of a valid marriage in Thailand will be considered illegitimate child of the husband. Paternity in Thailand can only be established by legal marriage, court action or government registration. Aside from these processes, any man will not be recognized as the father of the child. Also note the article on child maintenance on the main website.

Paternity TestingPaternity Testing in Thailand

By default, all children born outside of a marriage is an illegitimate child. Only the mother of the child could claim parental power over the child; the biological father cannot claim any rights over the child even though he acknowledges that the child is his. Any man who signs the birth certificate of a child who is born outside of a marriage could be the biological father of the child, but does not mean that he is the legal father of the child – thus, could not be required to pay child support.

For the biological father to be able to establish a legal relationship with the child, he must marry the mother of the child and register the child as his own, or file a court order to that effect. Also, the court action is needed to determine the validity of the support claim. However, the marriage between the mother and the biological father of the child does not mean that the child is automatically a legitimate child. Marriage recognized by Thai law and has validity in foreign countries is the only legal process that makes the child legitimate. See the issue on child legitimisation.

Born out of Marriage

For children born inside a legal marriage, child legitimacy is always presumed. However, divorce only creates complications in child legitimacy. If a child is born prior to the finality of a divorce, the child will still be considered legitimate. The husband of the mother is considered to be the legitimate father of the child. Regardless if the mother was impregnated by him or another man. If the child is born right after the divorce has been finalized. But within the 310 days from the termination of the marriage. The child would still be considered as legitimate. The former husband would still be recognized by law as the legal father of the child.