Grounds for Divorce in Thailand

Grounds for Divorce in Thailand

November 6, 2019 0 By roi8n2TZUL

These are the Grounds for Divorce in Thailand. There are several grounds in which parties may claim for a divorce to be filed. In one way or another, these grounds may differ from one person to the other. Specific grounds must be filed to support your divorce proceedings in court. It is always recommended to consult a Thai divorce lawyer. Always take proper legal advice when it comes to the Grounds for Divorce in Thailand.

Grounds for Divorce in Thailand

Grounds for Divorce in ThailandUnder the Civil and Commercial Code of Thailand, the Grounds for Divorce in Thailand are as follows:

  • The husband has provided sustentation or honor to another woman as his wife, or vice-versa – the other spouse is eligible to enter a divorce claim;
  • One spouse is guilty of wrongdoing, regardless is such misconduct is considered as a criminal offence or not, causing to the other spouse:
  • Serious shame;
  • Be insulted or hated;
  • Sustain excessive injury or trouble, wherein cohabiting as husband and wife should be taken into consideration;
  • One spouse has inflicted serious harm or torture, physically or mentally, to the other; or seriously insulted the other, his or her ascendants;
  • One spouse has been gone for more than one year, in which the latter may file a divorce claim;
  • One spouse have been convicted in court resulting to imprisonment for more than one year, provided that the offense committed has no further participation, knowledge or consent of the other spouse; wherein cohabitation as husband and wife will just cause harm or trouble to the latter;
  • The husband and wife has decided voluntarily to live separately due to being unable to cohabit peacefully for more than three years, or have lived separately for more than three years by order of the court;

More Grounds for Divorce

  • Firstly where one spouse has been deemed to have disappeared on the other, or has left their home for more than three years wherein being alive or dead is uncertain;
  • Secondly one spouse failed to provide appropriate sustentation and support to the other. This or have committed acts severely disadvantageous to their relationship causing serious harm or trouble to the other’s condition, position and cohabitation as husband and wife;
  • One spouse has been proved to be insane for more than three consecutive years. Wherein the condition is incurable and the continuance of the marriage can hardly be expected;
  • Where one spouse has broken a pact of good behaviour executed by whichever spouse. Wherein the other spouse is entitled to claim for divorce;
  • Where one spouse is suffering from a contagious and viral disease. This of which is incurable and may cause harm to the other;
  • One spouse has a physical disadvantage making him or her permanently unable to live together as husband and wife;

Finally since family law matters can be complicated, it is advisable to contact a Thailand divorce lawyer in order to receive a legal opinion regarding divorce in Thailand. These are examples for the grounds for divorce in Thailand.