Getting married in Thailand

Getting married in Thailand

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With tourism as the mainstream asset of Thailand, everyday thousands of foreigners come to the country to spend the holidays. This is where interracial relationship comes to place. Many are coming to Thailand to marry Thai women, and some come to get married to another foreigner.

Getting married in ThailandGetting married in Thailand

Getting married in Thailand is much more affordable compared to doing it in the West or in Europe. The process of the marriage registration is quick and straightforward, regardless if you are a foreigner or a native of Thailand, the same set of rules apply. The wedding ceremony and the reception can be done in your location of choice; this is because the legal aspect of the marriage is different from the ceremony itself. Read more on marriage registration in the country.

For Foreign-Thai couples, the foreigner will need to obtain an Affirmation letter from their country’s Embassy that would certify that they are Free to Marry. And also, a copy of their current passport, and the Divorce or Death Certificate whichever is applicable. The Thai fiancée would also need the National ID card, House Registration Certificate, and the Divorce or Death Certificate whichever is applicable.

After gathering all the needed documents, you will then undergo the Marriage Registration process.

  • –          Obtain an Affirmation of Freedom to Marry
  • –          Have all the documents translated to Thai language
  • –          Legalize all translated documents at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • –          Register the marriage at the local District Office (Amphur Office)

The wedding ceremony and the marriage registration in Thailand are two different processes. The registration is the more important of the two, as it is the part that legalizes the whole marriage process. After the ceremony, proceed to the local district office with all your documents and submit your paperwork. Once all your documents have been approved and signed by the officer, you will then be issued your marriage certificate in Thailand. This will be a document recognized for legal purposes such as immigration process.