Drafting a Thai Prenuptial Agreement

Drafting a Thai Prenuptial Agreement

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In this day and age, with the alarming increase in the divorce cases worldwide, securing your assets before getting married is a very wise decision – and that is by drafting a Thai Prenuptial Agreement. A prenup is a contract created between two spouses before getting married, wherein a summary of all your individual assets prior to marriage is stated, including provisions of these properties after the marriage.

Drafting a Thai Prenuptial Agreement

Drafting a Thai Prenuptial AgreementHaving a Prenuptial Agreement in Thailand before getting married has several advantages aside from securing your personal property. It helps protect your business assets and family property, and seeks to protect you from debts acquired by your spouse. It also delegates provision for your children, and discuss custody and visitation rights. The creation of the Prenuptial Agreement reduces the risk of having legal issues, and also lowers the cost of litigation. This agreement will help the divorce process in allocating the properties of the divorcing parties.

Today, drafting a Thai Prenuptial Agreement is the wisest option taken by many couples before getting married. The Thai Prenuptial Agreement is encouraged and recognized most countries, however in some it is not. Drafting of the Thai Prenuptial Agreement is widely practiced in Thailand. This as creating its provisions are fairly more liberal compared to doing it in the West. Once your Thai Prenuptial Agreement is translated into English, it will be the basis when you register your marriage and will be recognized.

Thus, we highly recommend that you hire the services of a reputable Thai firm to draft your Prenuptial Agreement in Thailand, and review your individual assets and liabilities before tying the knot. Getting a divorce might be the last thing that would happen. But it is best to acquire the service of a Thai attorney to draft your Thai Prenuptial Agreement. This before registering your marriage in Thailand.


Prenuptial Requirements 


There are certain requirements to make your Thai Prenuptial Agreement legally binding. The contract should be written, and each of the parties should have their own lawyer. The Thai Prenuptial Agreement should be signed by both parties together with two witnesses. Who should be present in the official registration of the marriage. And lastly, all documents should be registered at the same local area district office or Amphur wherein your marriage will be registered in Thailand