Divorce in Thailand

Divorce in Thailand

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Divorce in Thailand has a lot of indications, and according to the country’s history it has been in existence way back before. Marriage was later considered as such of civil contracts and the government later on asserted their powers to register divorces. As there is no such power that could dissolve marriage, the authorities depended on the Thai courts to handle divorces.

In Thailand, there are grounds for divorce and also personal reasons why many couples are having a divorce in Thailand. Below is a list of some of the most common grounds for getting a divorce:

  • –          Both spouses have been separated for more than three years;
  • –          One of the spouses have deserted the other spouse for more than a year;
  • –          The husband has already taken another woman as his wife;
  • –          The wife has committed adultery;
  • –          One of the spouses is guilty of criminal or civil misconduct;
  • –          One of the spouses is guilty of harming the other spouse physically or mentally;
  • –          Lack of maintenance and support from one of the spouses;
  • –          One of the spouses has an incurable insanity for three years or longer;
  • –          Also one of the spouses has breached the bond of good behavior;
  • –          One of the spouses has an incurable and dangerous disease;
  • –          One of the spouses has a physical disadvantage making him or her impossible to cohabit as husband and wife;

Most Common Reasons for Divorce

Below are the most common reasons for getting a divorce:

  • –          Extra-marital affairs;
  • –          Family Strains;
  • –          Physical/Emotional Abuse;
  • –          Mid-life Crisis;
  • –          Addictions, such as: gambling, drugs and alcoholism;
  • –          Workaholism;

Based on our survey, men who were engaged with extra-marital affairs account for 75% of the cases as compared to women who only accounted for 25%. For the next reason, family strain, women were found to be primary sources of such issues with 78% as compared to men with only 22%. Physical and emotional abuse are evenly split between the men and the women, while workaholism had men accounted for 70% while women at 30%. It has also been found that more than 90% of divorce cases were petitioned by women, on which only a few were contested. See more here.