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If you are looking for a law firm in Thailand the GAM Legal Alliance is what you will need to look at. The contact details are below for this Bangkok law firm which you can contact about your issues. Paternity testing in Thailand has become more common with child legitimation in Thailand. Child custody is also the next problem for expats who are leaving Thailand after a divorce or separation. The family law issues are very common however they are time consuming to resolve.

Marriage registration as well as prenuptial agreements are also another issue. Marriage registration is very common as the procedures do change and if it is an Islamic marriage in Thailand it becomes even more difficult. Divorce in Thailand will also require assistance as these tend to be litigated and not by agreement.

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The other options for those who are Australians and require an Australian visa for a Thai national from Thailand. These are either an Australian tourist visa, spouse visa or an Australian fiancee visa for a Thai. There are also the US visa options such as the IR1 visa for your Thai wife and the US K1 visa for your Thai girlfriend. Always take proper advice from a Bangkok law firm.

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law firm in Thailand