Child Support in Thailand

Child Support in Thailand

November 8, 2019 0 By roi8n2TZUL

Child Support in Thailand entails when it comes to you. See what Divorce in Thailand is accompanied with various issues wherein not only the divorcing parents are involved, but also their children. One major issue in a divorce is child custody and child support. Same as with many countries, child support is mandatory under Thai law. This is a very important concern which needs to be resolved prior to being granted a divorce either by mutual consent or by court. Always consult a Thailand divorce lawyer.

Child Support in Thailand

There are several factors which should be considered prior to determining the amount of child support to be paid, as well as which parent shall be given the obligation to pay for such support. As for the children recipients, these factors have to be considered:

  • –  The age of the child or children

The younger the children are, the longer the support has to be paid. Parents in are expected to support their children financially until they reach the legal age of 20 or gets employed;

  • –  The health of the child or children

Children with special conditions will be requiring a much larger financial sustenance from the paying parent;

  • – The lifestyle the child or children has been accustomed to

Children should manage without having to experience the drastic lifestyle changes because of the divorce, of which may result to psychological difficulties;

  • –  Other specific needs of the child or children

Children with special needs or are mentally-challenged require special education, things which are different from those of normal children;


What to Consider

On the parents’ side, there are certain factors that would determine which parent should be obliged to pay the child support. If both parents are adjudged to pay child support, these determinants are used to resolve the amount that they have to shell out for their children:

  • The present financial capacity of each parent;
  • The age of each parent;
  • The parents‘ individual capacity to earn, wherein the educational attainment and work experience will be put into consideration;
  • The health status of each parent;
  • Other relevant issues will also be considered, past and future financial responsibilities such as loans payable by each parent;

In this paragraph, you see that any arrangement concerning child support can be drafted as part of the Thai divorce agreement. Child Support in Thailand is complex as you can see. Finally the divorce agreement may then be submitted to the local district office. At the time of the uncontested divorce, or to the court during the divorce case is filed. Consult a Thailand divorce lawyer today!