Australian Visa for Thai

Australian Visa for Thai

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Australian Visa for Thai nationals. Consider the Australian Visa (subclass 600) is a tourist visa which allows you to stay in Australia for 3 months, 6 or a stay of up to 12 months. The number of months granted would all depend on the evaluation done by the Immigration officer and would also be reviewed on the purpose of the visit and your personal situation or circumstances. Either single entry or multiple entry visas are being given for a certain stay.

Australian Visa for ThaiAustralian Visa for Thai

An Australian visa can be lodged personally through the VFS Center, or submitted online by creating a ImmiAccount, although biometrics still being done at the VFS center. The processing time would be 15 working days depending on factors. It is always best to make a visa submission a month the most before your intended date of travel.

Important documents need to be submitted to support your visa application. There are no specific preference on what to and not to submit, how many and what more to provide, but, just to make sure sufficient proof of strong ties to Thailand should be presented. This has always been one of the main focus of a tourist visa application.

Australian Visa Documents

See also the Australia fiancee visa and Australian spouse visa here. It mostly goes with the following supporting documents:

1)     Info page of  current and previous passports with current and previous stamps/ visas.

2)      Passport size ID photo (35x45mm)

3)      Banks certification and statements

4)      Proof of asset/s if applicable such as land or house/ condominium properties – titles are good proof for these, if owning a car, registration certificate under your name would also be an additional evidence, or any form of investments/ shares that you may have.

5)      Travel documents and cover letter if a self-sponsored application

6)      If not, a letter of support from Sponsor must be provided. It goes also with the financial evidence and proof of relationship from the sponsor.

In knowing the paperwork needed would help give chance for a visa approval. It may always be in the hands of the officer if visa is approved or not, but providing sufficient documents will give a good impression. Success rate would be high.

Speak to our specialist if you are unsure of what to do. GAM Legal Alliance offers consultation and document preparation for visa application to Australia for Thai citizens. See further the Australian Visa for Thai nationals on this website.