Australian Tourist visa in Thailand

Australian Tourist visa in Thailand

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The Australian Tourist visa in Thailand is the type of visa needed for a Thai national to be able to spend the holidays in Australia. This type of visa is usually granted as single or multiple entries with 3 different duration’s: three, six and twelve months. For those applicants who have not regularly travelled Asia or have been to Australia before should first apply for the 3 months visa duration.

Australian Tourist visa in ThailandAustralian Tourist visa in Thailand

Then the first three months expires and the visa holder successfully returned to Thailand on time, he or she may then try to apply for the much longer visa duration or other visa types. The first visa application acts as a test to see whether the visa holder would return to Thailand on time. It is being evaluated depending one applicant’s circumstances.

Another process in obtaining the Australian tourist visa in Thailand is through an Australian sponsor. Which focuses more on proving that the relationship between the Thai woman and her Australian sponsor is legit. The authenticity of the relationship and their commitment to each other are the main factors and reference of every visa application. The more evidence shown about the reality of the relationship, the more persuasive the visa application would be. On the other hand, the Thai applicant should be able to provide the required documents showing that he or she will be returning to Thailand after the visit to Australia.

The visa officer handling the process will then evaluate the application carefully, and usually the first visa granted for travel to Australia would be the 3 months visa. The success rate of any visa application relies on the presentation and the weight of the documents submitted. Most denied visa applications are because of lacking content for the Thai documentation. This and it is highly advised to lodge the application properly on your first attempt.

Visa Requirements

The Visitor Visa subclass 600 is a type of Australian Tourist Visa. Which is granted to Thai nationals who wish to travel to Australia for business and tourism. In order to qualify and apply for an Australian Tourist Visa, the applicant should pass the following criteria:

-Intent to stay in Australia for a temporary period;

-Sufficient funds to finance the applicant for the whole trip;

-Strong ties showing that the applicant would return to his or her home country. This in form of an ongoing employment, family dependents and properties in Thailand;

-Travel and immigration history for the visa applicant;

-Tourism or leisure under this category refers to holidays, recreation and meeting family and friends. Business visitors may include activities such as attending a conference or business negotiation. Involving employment in Australia under this visa category is firmly restricted.

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