Australian Spouse visa for Thai

Australian Spouse visa for Thai

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Many Thai citizens are applying for the Australian spouse visa nowadays. This type of spouse visa for Australia is categorized as a Partner visa which leads to a permanent visa under the family visa class. A Thai national may apply for the Australian spouse Visa based on marriage or having cohabited with an Australian national or an Australian permanent resident. See also the fiancee visa for Australia on this website.

Australian Spouse visa for ThaiAustralian Spouse visa for Thai

The most common questions arising from this process. Is whether it is easier for a Thai applicant or an American applicant to obtain the Australian spouse Visa. This issue is quite complicated. This as to the fact that the general aspect involves the applicant’s country of origin. The circumstance of the visa applicant personally and the relationship among the couple themselves. One concern of which is related to how to provide sufficient proof that relationship and commitment of the visa applicant to the sponsor is, until the latter part. This fact is quite an obvious thing, however, lack of proof would somehow make things difficult as more and more documentations be requested.

Other important criteria concerning the applicant for the Australian Spouse visa aside from their country of origin are:

  • – What are the personal characteristics of the applicant?
  • – Also what is the medical condition of the applicant?
  • – What are the visa and immigration history of the applicant?
  • – Does the applicant have previous breaching of visa conditions or have they complied with all the conditions?

Also, the individual situation of the Australian sponsor is very necessary. For applicants who do not have enough funds, the Australian sponsor can provide financially for the visa applicant. When there are children involved in the process. Then a special record check has to be undergone by the Australian sponsor. This to make sure that he does not have prior records pertaining to child abuse.

As long as the visa applicant and the Australian sponsor meets. Then all the document and eligibility requirements. The applicant will surely be granted the visa regardless which country the applicant is from. Though there are language and culture barriers between Thailand and Australia, but these differences does not affect the application process for the spouse visa for Australia.