Australian Fiancée visa for Thai

Australian Fiancée visa for Thai

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See the requirements for the Australian Fiancée visa for Thai national here. The Fiancée Visa, also known as Prospective Marriage subclass 300, is a type of visa suitable for Thai nationals who are engaged to be wed to an Australian national or an Australian Permanent Resident. It is classified as a temporary fiancée visa for those couples who are still not married but are planning to migrate to Australia. This visa’s validity is only for nine months, in which during this time you should be able to enter Australia and marry your Australian sponsor.

Australian Fiancée visa for ThaiAustralian Fiancée visa for Thai

The main purpose of the Australian fiancée visa is to enable your Thai fiancée to visit Australia and eventually marry and live in the country with you as husband and wife. Applicants of this type of visa should have the legit intent to marry their Australian fiancées, and are required to genuinely stay with their fiancée and live together permanently as husband and wife.

The visa applicant should have an eligible Australian sponsor to be able to apply for this type of visa. An eligible sponsor should be among Australian nationals or permanent residents. This or eligible New Zealand citizens who are over 18 years of age and willing to take sponsorship responsibilities.

Other Issues

Also, the visa applicant or Thai fiancée and the Australian sponsor. Should be able to marry legally under the Australian law. Which means that both of them should be 18 years or older. If one of the spouses is less than 18 years old but is 16 years or older. Then a court order from an Australian court is required stating that you are allowed to marry your spouse. The visa applicant should be of the opposite sex to the Australian spouse. This as same sex couples are not eligible for this type of visa.

There are various benefits of the Australian Fiancée Visa. One is that the holder will be allowed to enter and leave Australia. This as much as she wants prior to the visa expiration which is nine months. The holder is also permitted to seek employment in Australia, and can also apply for an Australian Spouse visa after getting married to the Australian spouse. She can also have access to Australian education but is not allowed to benefit from government funds. The visa holder may use Australia’s medical and hospital assistance program. But only if she is in the country and has already applied for the Australian Spouse visa.